All events in Conrad Prebys Music Center, UC San Diego Campus (Gilman Dr. at Russel Ln), unless otherwise noted. Click on event titles for program information.



April 8-16 @ Experimental Theater

Todd Moellenberg will be checking into the Experimental Theater for a nine-day Staycation this Springfest. His temporary living quarters will become a monastery, prison yard, library, karaoke bar, rehearsal space, observation deck, cinema, campsite, and salon (French pronunciation). He will provide technical assistance for each nightly event hosted in the hall. Audiences are encouraged to stop by at literally any time in the course of his residency. A daily agenda will be posted outside the entrance, as well as food requests (he will provide the cash).

Saturday April 8


5pm @ Experimental Theater

The California Electronic Music Exchange Concert (CEMEC) series is meant to strengthen the connections between the California institutions that have computer and electronic music programs. Each concert features electronic and electroacoustic music by student composers, performers, computer musicians and installation artists from across California. Institutions represented at UC San Diego's installment include Mills College, Stanford, UC Santa Barbara, CalArts and UC San Diego.

RISE | Kirsten Ashley Wiest

7pm @ Conrad Prebys Concert Hall

"I emerged as a Phoenix, to rise in love."
Kirsten Ashley Wiest and friends perform new works for soprano and piano, exploring and celebrating the many manifestations of love within our human existence.

Sunday April 9

Immersion @ Birch Aquarium

6-8pm @ Birch Aquarium

Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in collaboration with the UC San Diego Department of Music present their fifth annual IMMERSION at Birch Aquarium, an evening submerged in drifting love songs, tiny aquatic surprises, and experimental music that swims with the fishes! The aquarium will open its doors for this special event from 6-8 p.m. on April 9th, when audience members can stroll through the exhibits and encounter a wide variety of performances by music graduate students side by side with the sea life.

The event is $12 for the public and $9 for aquarium members and UC San Diego students (with ID). Splash! Café will be open for the evening, serving a variety of hot & cold sandwiches, entree salads, soup, hot dogs, beverages, and more. Tickets may be purchased online at or by calling 858-534-5771.

Monday April 10

Tango Canyengue

12pm @ Conrad Prebys Concert Hall

Xavier Beteta accompanied by violinist Leanne Chen and bass player Alex Vargas will perform tangos of the "Old Guard," the original tango style that was danced in the outskirts and poor neighborhoods of early 20th Century Buenos Aires.

Robert Morris: Oracle

4pm @ Geisel Library Courtyard

Come hear music performed outdoors! Inspired by the I Ching, Robert Morris's "Oracle" for large ensemble will provide a 64-minute sonic landscape of the 64 hexagrams from The Book of Changes.

Tuesday April 11

Jürg Frey: Metal, Stone, Skin, Foliage, Air

7pm @ Experimental Theater

Jürg Frey's evening-length work for percussion quartet (1996-2001) explores the sonic properties of triangles, hand-bells, tam-tams, bell plates, bass drums, stones, and leaves through sequences of repetition.

Springfest @ the Loft

8:30pm The Loft at UC San Diego

The Kyle Motl Trio with Tobin Chodos and Kjell Nordeson perform music from the upcoming record Panjandrums along with new compositions.

Wednesday April 12

Kyle Motl, Solo Contrabass

5pm @ Conrad Prebys Concert Hall

Solo music utilizing the wealth of the contrabass' sonorities, testing the limits of timbre, technique, and dynamic envelope.

Bazetta Revisited

7pm @ Experimental Theater

Bazetta Revisited is an immersive sound and light environment, featuring music by Anthony Vine and video projections by Katy Gilmore. During this two hour expanse, slowly evolving visual fields of blurred footage and camera feedback elide with bent and diffracted microtonal networks that are cast in a variety of forms, from long, improvisatory meditations to antiphonal hymns. Bazetta—a small township in Northeast Ohio—serves as a guiding metaphor. Audience members may come and go as they please during the performance.

Thursday April 13

Luke Martin: shifting inflections

5pm @ Conrad Prebys Concert Hall

the shifting inflections series will grow (expand, proliferate) as if it was a mold spore.
here and there. sometimes unseen. sometimes seen.
with the potential to suddenly explode and (re)connect in unpredictable ways.
erewhon: both no-where and now-here.
something not present in an actual state, but present in a virtual state: potential.
performed by Tyler J. BordenMadison Greenstone, Celeste Oram, and Anthony Vine

a mist is a collection of points

7pm @ Experimental Theater

A mist is a collection of points, while a grid is an organized collection of points. There is the unspoken tension in this work between regular and aperiodic, solid and vague, artificial and organic, order and sprawl. This interplay takes place from one section to the next, and also in the interactions between the parts: between the pianist (Todd Moellenberg), the percussionist (Ryan Nestor), and the sine tones (by Michael Pisaro). It affects the melody and the resonance, the timing and the coordination between parts. The intermingling of shadow pitches and extended resonances creates effects that are at least as vivid as any articulation.

Friday April 14

Donatoni/Feldman: Music for Flute, Piano/Celeste, and Glockenspiel

5pm @ Conrad Prebys Concert Hall

"I've been living with the minor second all my life and I finally found a way to handle it." - Morton Feldman || Franco Donatoni: Ave, Morton Feldman: Why Patterns?


7pm @ Experimental Theater

XX presents a concert featuring collaboration between women. Live motion tracking, video, performance art, sung poetry, amplified hair, a talking disklavier, delicate percussion, and gritty solo bass come together in a fabric that explores themes of radical biological forms, domestic violence and space, feeling at home, and fragility. The concert is configured partly as an homage to the late and great Pauline Oliveros, and features her work Bye-Bye Butterfly as well as her correspondence with various female collaborators.

Sound and Violence

8:30pm @ the Che Cafe

A night of performances and audiovisual installations exploring the ways in which sound engages violence, discipline, and resistance in an age of authoritarianism.

Saturday April 15


12:30pm @ Experimental Theater

Lydia Winsor Brindamour’s [O] is a multimedia sonic experience comprised of a piece for two double basses with live spatialization, performed alongside photographs taken this past August during a month long stay in Olafsfjordur, North Iceland. The work is a visual and aural portrait of a specific place and time.


1pm @ Conrad Prebys Recital Hall

Sound installation / Micro-Opera / Haunted House
A short, immersive performance for small groups of people, CLAUSTRUM is the creation of Bonnie Lander and Jonathan Nussman, vocalists and improvisers. The performance will be repeated on loop for successive small audiences. Listeners can sign up for a specific time, or will be admitted on a first-come basis.
Walk-throughs are from 1-2:30pm and 3:30-5pm


5pm @ Conrad Prebys Concert Hall

Celeste Oram is joined by violinists Keir GoGwilt and (telematically, from New Zealand) Alex Taylor in re-enacting the radio improvisation practice of Vera Wyse Munro (1897-1966): a pioneering New Zealand radio ham, improviser, and sonic experimenter. With violin music, bird-song poetry, morse codes, shortwave radio, DX logs, and the ghosts of other histories, this radio séance summons the spirit of a century when hams surfed the surface of the earth on skywaves and the world’s largest ocean could be crossed at the speed of light.

Odeya Nini | Where I Am I Am

7pm @ Experimental Theater

Experimental vocalist and composer Odeya Nini presents a night of her instrumental compositions, sound collages, and solo vocal work. Odeya's work is an investigation of extended techniques, resonance and pure expression, exploring the relationship between mind and body, multi- dimensionality and the various landscapes it can yield. Her solo work is an interdisciplinary vocal practice with movement and theatrical elements displaying a spectrum of sound from tender intimacy to bold aberrance. The concert will feature Where I Am I Am, a piece for 3 voices, tape and electronics. Compositions will include works for solo flute and solo piano.

Sunday April 16

Springfest @ Bread & Salt: ENCUENTRO

3-10pm @ Bread & Salt

Springfest @ Bread & Salt: ENCUENTRO is an event seeks to bring the UCSD music department into dialogue, collaboration and engagement with the broader San Diego community. This year the event partners with Borderland Noise in order to extend this process into a bi-national experimental arts festival, featuring artists from Tijuana, Mexicali, and Ensenada. With more than 30 artists involved, performances and installations will take place across the entire Bread & Salt site, including unusual hidden spaces, and a quadrophonic grain silo.