Immersion @ Birch Aquarium


Jacob Sundstrom will perform ambient electronic music and video that changes in harmony with the sunset on Tidepool Plaza

Lyndsay Bloom's triptych film AXALAPAZCOS features 16mm footage of rapidly evaporating volcanic crater lakes in Central Mexico in the Expedition at Sea: R/V Sally Ride Gallery

Barbara Byers, Jonathan Nussman, Hillary Jean Young, and Lauren Jones sing soothing overtones with glass harp in the Galleria

Double bassist Jordan Morton weaves together vocal notes and resonant bowed bass at the Giant Kelp Tank

Daniel Fishkin and guest instrument-builder Pete Blasser will lead a choir of handheld tocante "touch-synthesizers”

Madison Greenstone, Sean Dowgray, and James Beauton will play the ethereal music of Morton Feldman and ‪Jürg ‬Frey, creating a transcendent and meditative experience in front of a forest of swaying kelp at the Giant Kelp Tank‬‬‬

Cellist Jen Bewerse will perform with a special curved bow in TIDE by James Weeks

Bassist Kyle Motl will improvise with jellies and wolf eels in the Hall of Fishes

Michael Matsuno and Matt Kline host the "sea symphony" instrument building workshop and performance specifically for children

In the Education Courtyard, explore the hidden complexity of your own voice in "Sinfonia Natural," an interactive installation by computer musician Colin Zyskowski and a team of UCSD physicists

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