All events in Conrad Prebys Music Center, UC San Diego Campus (Gilman Dr. at Russel Ln), unless otherwise noted


flash | secret | snag

Secret @ Various

FLASH: An event lasting sixty-three seconds or less is prepared by [a] performer[s], and presented during another, unrelated performance, unannounced to the audience.

SECRET: A thought experiment or perceptual exercise for an individual audience member, whose undertaking will be unknown to anyone besides the person doing it.
[Secret scores are distributed to audience members through pamphlets, signs, business cards, programme notes, online, etc.]

SNAG: Not an event-in-time; but rather a whimsical alteration to the physical, material environment of a performance space.

The flash | secret | snag schedule will be revealed at the end of Springfest. Until then, keep your eyes peeled. More information at

Sunday April 10

Immersion @ Birch Aquarium

6-8pm @ Birch Aquarium

Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in collaboration with the UC San Diego Department of Music present their fourth annual IMMERSION at Birch Aquarium, an evening submerged in drifting love songs, tiny aquatic surprises, and experimental music that swims with the fishes! The aquarium will open its doors for this special event from 6-8 p.m. on April 10, when audience members can stroll through the exhibits and encounter a wide variety of performances by music graduate students side by side with the sea life.

Hear the world premier of a new chamber jazz project out on the Tide-Pool Plaza and a set of plaintive love songs for soprano and ensemble in front of the mesmerizing Kelp Forest. Enjoy sets of live electronic music on glitchy vinyl in the Hall of Fishes and the bass-piano duo who improvises to the movements of the sharks in the Smargon Courtyard. Discover little sea-secrets throughout the aquarium in unannounced micro-performances, and children can build their own oceanic instruments to use in a kid's-only pop-up orchestra performance in the Galleria.

The event is $12 for the public and $9 for aquarium members and UC San Diego students (with ID). Splash! Café will be open for the evening, serving a variety of hot & cold sandwiches, entree salads, soup, hot dogs, beverages, and more. Tickets may be purchased online at or by calling 858-534-5771.

Monday April 11

Xavier Beteta solo piano works

12pm @ Conrad Prebys Concert Hall

Xavier Beteta presents a selection of his piano works that show his evolution as a composer, from 1996, when he was 15 years old, to the present.

Tuesday April 12

Suspiria LIVE

8pm @ Experimental Theater

Dario Aregento’s horror-masterpiece, Suspiria, combines stunning cinematography with an immersive musical soundtrack. One of the last films ever shot in Technicolor, the result is a fantastical landscape awash in deep reds, thick greens, and ominous yellows; a surrealist world befitting the film’s evil cohort of witches.  The soundtrack, composed by the Italian rock band, ‘Goblin’, compliments Suspiria’s imaginative visuals with a musical score that is aggressive and terrifying.

Join us on April 12th as we perform Goblin’s soundtrack to Suspiria LIVE alongside a screening of the film.
Musicians: Tommy Babin  • Samuel Dunscombe • Judith Hamann
Ryan Nestor • Charlie Olvera  • James Rushford

Wednesday April 13

HOME LIFE: domestic text

5pm @ Experimental Theater

Performances navigating families, intimacies, interiorities, femininities and lived-in spaces.

Malcolm Goldstein: Wednesdays@7

7pm @ Conrad Prebys Concert Hall

The renowned violinist, improviser and composer Malcolm Goldstein will give solo presentations of his compositions "but one bird sang not," "gentle rain preceding mushrooms" and "my feet is tired but my soul is rested," as well as various improvisations. During the second half of the concert, Goldstein will be joined onstage by bass player Mark Dresser.

Late Nights at the Loft Part I

8:30pm @ The Loft at UC San Diego

Two nights of improvised music at the Loft, weaving together multiple traditions and communities. Wednesday features rapidly shifting textures drawing on multiple idioms in sets from Leffue/Motl/Nordeson and Richards/Babin/Charney/Munsey.

Steven Leffue: saxophones
Kyle Motl: contrabass
Kjell Nordeson: drums/percussion

Stephanie Richards: trumpet
Tommy Babin: bass
Josh Charney: keyboards
Andrew Munsey: drums

Thursday April 14

three bodies (moving)

5pm @ Conrad Prebys Concert Hall

three bodies (moving) by Catherine Lamb is a 45 minute work exploring relationships between a violin, a cello, and a bass clarinet that only produce tones within the framework of the harmonic series of an imagined fundamental.  Slowly unfolding and undeniably visceral, Lamb's work demonstrates how the methodical and intuitive exploration of intervals can reveal a stunning beauty when granted close attention over an extended period of time.

Autoduplicity: Machaut+Rauschen

7pm @ Experimental Theater

Autoduplicity presents their second concert exploration in Machaut + Rauschen, juxtaposing Guillaume de Machaut's ballade, “Dame, ne regardez pas” with several of Peter Ablinger's Instrumente und Rauschen. Leaping from the simple purity of a single melody to the “everything always” of white noise, Machaut + Rauschen explores the hidden complexity in simple sounds and hidden sounds within masses of complex noise. Listening at these extremes reveals how deceptive the very ideas of simple or complex can be.

Autoduplicity is Rachel Beetz and Jennifer Bewerse.

Late Nights at the Loft Part II

8:30pm @ The Loft at UC San Diego

Two nights of improvised music at the Loft, weaving together multiple traditions and communities. On Thursday, Sibarg Ensemble blends the Persian tradition with jazz elements, and the Peter Kuhn Trio brings free music out of the jazz tradition.

Sibarg Ensemble
Hesam Abedini: voice & percussion
Niloufar Shiri: kamancheh
Josh Charney: keyboards
Kyle Motl: contrabass
percussion TBA

Peter Kuhn Trio
Peter Kuhn: saxes & clarinets
Kyle Motl: contrabass
Nathan Hubbard: drums

Friday April 15

Observation Dock

12-6pm @ Room 105 (Backstage Conrad Prebys Concert Hall)

The Concert Hall stage becomes Todd Moellenberg's fish tank in his newest durational performance. Voyeurs are free to observe from the backstage control room, and can peek in at any time.

Rainforest: Southland Ensemble

7pm @ Experimental Theater

David Tudor's RAINFOREST is a blueprint to a sonic environment, an exploration of resonance by making everyday objects or sculptures into speakers for audio playback. Now, over forty years since its inception, Southland Ensemble is proud to present an evening dedicated to the work.

The concert will feature an installation and live performance of RAINFOREST IV, as well as a world premiere of a new composition, Other Forests by composer Carolyn Chen, inspired by Tudor's work.

Saturday April 16

Springfest Festival @ Bread & Salt

2:30-9:30pm @ Bread & Salt

This event presents a one day festival focused on collaboration and community engagement. Co-curated by artist Armando Del Torres and cellist Judith Hamann, this event also partners with local institutions like Abrash Presents and Rolling Sculpture in order to showcase the breadth of the San Diego music and arts community. Featuring performances throughout the day, a 10 channel fixed media room, collaborative installation works, and a new sound and light sculpture in a truck, the event will also hold workshops through the afternoon into the early evening, allowing for hands on interaction with electronics, synthesizers, instrument building, and DJing that is open to the community.

For a full, downloadable schedule, click here!
For a downloadable site map, click here!

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