Tango Canyengue

First Part
Xavier Beteta, piano
Zorro Gris                                        Rafael Tuegols
Taconeando                                       Pedro Maffia
Fumando Espero             Juan Viladomat Masanas
La Última Copa                             Francisco Canaro
Retintín                                           Eduardo Arolas
Felicia                                           Enrique Saborido  
El Choclo                         Enrique Santos Discépolo
Second Part
Leanne Chen, violin
Alex Vargas, bass
Xavier Beteta, piano

Derecho Viejo                                 Eduardo Arolas

Confesión                       Enrique Santos Discépolo
Cicatrices                                        Adolfo R. Aviles
Carro Viejo                               Fernando Montoni
Invierno                                    Horacio Pettorossi
El Pañuelito                         Juan de Dios Filiberto
Secreto                          Enrique Santos Discépolo
La Payanca                                       Augusto Berto
El Flete                                              Vicente Greco
Ventarrón                                            Pedro Maffia
Duelo Criollo                                      Juan Rezzano

Xavier is originally from Guatemala City where he studied piano at the National Conservatory. At age 18, he was awarded the first-prize at the Augusto Ardenois National Piano Competition and third-prize at the Rafael Alvarez Ovalle Composition Competition in Guatemala. He continued his piano studies in the United States with Argentinean pianist Sylvia Kersenbaum and with Russian pianist Sergei Polusmiak. He has attended master-classes with pianists Massimiliano Damerini and Daniel Rivera in Italy, and he has also performed as a soloist with the Guatemalan National Symphony Orchestra. As a composer, Xavier studied privately in Guatemala with Rodrigo Asturias. He is currently pursuing a doctorate in Composition at the University of California San Diego, where he has studied with Roger Reynolds, Chinary Ung, and Philippe Manoury. In 2013, Xavier won the Second Prize at the International Antonin Dvorak Composition Competition in Prague.